(M0) (E. I. Timoshenko, V. Shpilrain) The same as (F3), but for free metabelian groups.

(M1) The isomorphism problem for finitely presented metabelian groups.    Background

(M2) Is the automorphism group of a free metabelian group of rank > 3 finitely presented ?  Background

(M3) (F.B.Cannonito) Is there an algorithm which decides whether or not a given finitely presented solvable group is metabelian?

(M4) (P.Hall) Are projective groups of infinite countable rank in the class of metabelian groups free metabelian?   Background

(M5) (G.Baumslag) What can one say about the integral homology of a finitely generated metabelian group? Background

*(M6) (V.Shpilrain) Is it true that every IA-automorphism of a free metabelian group of finite rank has a non-trivial fixed point?  Background

*(M7) (R.Goebel) Is there a group which is NOT isomorphic to the outer automorphism group of any metabelian group with a trivial centre?   Background