2003 AMS Spring Eastern Sectional Meeting, New York, NY

Special Session on Combinatorial and Statistical Group Theory
Organizers: Alexei Myasnikov and Vladimir Shpilrain

Room 1013, Courant Building

April 12

9:00   M.Sapir, Random Dehn functions of groups
9:30   A.Olshanskii, The Conjugacy problem and group embeddings
10:00   O.Kharlampovich, Algorithms for fully residually free groups
10:30   B.Fine, On Non-Trivially Discriminating Groups

2:30   E.Turner, A solution of MAGNUS FP15
3:00   R.Goldstein, Stable Numerical Invariants
3:30   I.Rivin, Counting conjugacy classes
4:00   I.Kapovich, Generic properties of the Whitehead Algorithm, of stabilizers in $Aut(F_k)$ and of one-relator groups
4:30   E.Freden, Growth of the Baumslag-Solitar group BS(2,3)
5:00   S.Ivanov, On some problems of the theory of group varieties
5:30   M.Greendlinger, Some New Classes of Groups with Solvable Quadratic Equation Problems

April 13

8:00   L.Sabalka, Geodesics in the Braid Group on Three Strands and a Related Group
8:30   L.Bartholdi, A Wilson group of non-uniformly exponential growth
9:00   D.Wise, Nonpositive immersions, local indicability and coherence
9:30  E.Ventura, Uniform non-amenability
10:00   P.Dehornoy, Removable Pairs in Trivial Braid Words
10:30   I.Bumagin, On the coherence of coherent-by-cyclic groups

2:30   A.Myasnikov, Complexity of the conjugacy problem for free products and HNN-extensions
3:00   A.Kvaschuk, One-variable equations in torsion-free hyperbolic groups
3:30   L.Carbone, Arithmetic properties of lattices in rank 2 Kac-Moody groups over finite fields
4:00   L.Shneerson, Growth in semigroup varieties
4:30   D. Lee, A partial result on the complexity of Whitehead's algorithm
5:00   H.Hamidi-Tehrani, Groups generated by positive multi-twists and the fake lantern problem
5:30   I.Korchagina, Groups of simultaneously even- and p-type